Russell Solomon Is A Self-made Businessman

Posted by Admin | May 6th, 2011

Russell Solomon is more than just a personal trainer to celebrities. He is a public speaker, fitness expert, martial artist, television personality, author, and health coach. Russell Solomon has helped to transfer the field of wellness and health by introducing innovative training techniques and philosophies. His inspirational voice has made him into a world-renown public speaker and author who is able to teach from experience. He was once an underachiever who was overweight. The pain and despair he experienced during that time of his life motivated him to transform himself and his life into something better. Using strategic exercises and a better diet, Russell Solomon was able to excel in both sports and academics. He supported himself through college and eventually obtained degrees in marketing management and communications. He soon rose to prominence in the health and wellness industry and is currently known as a leader in his industry.

Over the past twenty-five years, Russell Solomon has dedicated his entire career and life to helping other individuals get into better shape and transform their lives. Russell Solomon is a self-made businessman who has built an exercise and fitness empire that consists of Xbox games, iPhone apps, DVDs, exercise videos, and online exercise websites.

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